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 Join me for an exciting new program!

Ruffled Feathers: Women's Rhizome for Rooted Connection 

Through Movement, Art, & Earth-Honoring Practices

6-Week Online Sister Circle
Opens Her Doors December 29th, 2018
Program: Saturday, June 5th, 2018 - Saturday, February 16th, 2018

$321 offering if enrolled by December 20th, 2018. $399 after.

Payment plans available. Please email Mandisa@MandisaRegenerativeArts.com for questions about program or payment. 

Ruffled Feathers is an online program for women who utilize movement, art, and earth-based practices as tools to gather wisdom that is intrinsically linked to women's bodies and healing abilities. In this circle, our paths may be unique, but our shared intention to thrive brings us validation and support. Together we will co-create structures that support biocultural regeneration, healing, and the mutual liberation of people and the planet.

This special and powerful gathering of women is inspired by a rhizome, a tuber or stem continuously growing underground. From this stem, many roots emerge and reach deep into the earth. 

Why Ruffled Feathers?As women we are often discouraged from causing a commotion, standing out, or taking a stand. When we do we may be called angry, a label frequently applied to Black women who share their voice. I decided to embrace and embed this phrase with the energy of women who are ready to co-create a society that is supportive of women and the earth.

Engage Heart

  • You are open to being in a space of positive love and growth.
  • Willing to make the effort for conscious sharing and witnessing in a circle of women.
  • Can work to expand your presence in the world by setting intentions in the online space where we share images, videos, and prose.

Engage Body

  • Can engage in discussion and share your process as you to create an embodied practice for yourself that helps you feel rooted in the earth and connected to your body.
  • You are ready to make time for yourself to turn your gaze inward to rejuvenate your heart center, body, and mind.
  • Open to using love in your self-reflective work and engagement with other women in the program.

Engage Mind

  • Two weekly deepening practices submitted online and shared with the circle of sisters.
  • Three one-hour conference calls over the course of six weeks.
  • Release thoughts that are no longer needed for growth and journal about your feelings throughout the program.

Engage Earth

  • Willingness to explore that which ruffles your feathers and consider ways to shift the structures that support the things that no longer serve us.
  • Document the changes and growth as you develop ways to be in relationship with human and earth relatives.
  • Design a rhizomic earth-honoring practice for connection to inner-self, sister circle, and your community.

Materials: Access to computer and internet is suggested so you can immerse yourself in our online space. Open heart and mind. All bodies accepted! Your physical body may or may not move in the ways you envision are best for you in this lifetime. Please know that we support you and welcome you as you are. Feel free to share any additional questions or concerns with me.

For many women, our beliefs are very much intertwined with our physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental wellbeing.  We hold the copper threads of healing life force in our hands and can work together to design a life that is regenerative and affirming. In our return to women-centered ways of knowing.  We mobilize in ways that create long lasting change and transformation. Connecting with the earth and our sisters can realign the universe. -

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