Courses I have offered in the past

Farm to Table Gardening

American Mind II

ChicanX Studies

Africana Studies

Women's Ethnic Heritage

Intro to Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Ethnic Studies

Courses I have co-taught at the graduate level

Organic Inquiry

Spiritual Autobiography


Thesis Writing 

Creative Inquiry

Metaformic Theory

Women's Sacred Texts

Creative Expression

Workshops I have led for local organizations

White Privilege and Power

Brave Space 

Cultural Appropriation 

Culturally Responsive & Inclusive Spaces

just arts for sustained resistance and liberation

New Programs & Offerings


Educator, Lecturer

  • College Courses/Workshops

  • Guest Speaker

  • Community Education

  • Program Design

  • Curriculum Design (in person/online)

  • Certificate Design

Business Management

  • Consulting Services

  • Business Management/Bookkeeping

  • System Design for Management

  • Reconciliations, Organization etc. 


  • Student Mentorship 

  • Regenerative Life Coach

  • Creativity Coach

  • Graduate Mentor

  • Dance Instructor/Coach

 Food Justice

  • Garden Design

  • Permaculture Design

  • Regenerative Design

  • Organic Gardening

  • Garden Maintenance for Culinary Institutes

  • Marketplace Management

  • Food Justice Researcher & Activist

  • Educator

  • School Garden Support

  • Natural Pest Control

  • Volunteer for Community Gardens 

  • ​Support for Urban Farmers