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​Her Sacred Grove: Women’s Embodied Earth Connection & Expansion

The women are returning!

Are you ready to surround yourself with the images, voices, and dancing bodies of revolutionary women who share a vision for social and environmental justice?


Your presence is optional and so very essential. This is our time to live!    - Mandisa

Join Her Sacred Grove, a Closed Facebook community of women who use movement and embodied practices to connect to the earth and explore their inner wisdom. 

  • The Sacred Grove is an intentional space to co-create a receptive and uplifting culture. 
  • We are a gathering of women who use bodily gestures, movement, creativity, dance, and connection to nature for our own healing.
  • We share images, videos, poems, and prose to highlight moments in our life where we feel the most grounded and regenerative.   
  • Stay tuned for monthly phone calls, in-person workshops, & international gatherings!

My dear sisters returning from the frontlines or sidelines, she who has been following ley lines and marking lines to realign the universe with her paintbrush, pen, and dancing feet. 

I am here to welcome you home. 

For thousands of years, people have ventured into the forest to gather in the sacred grove, a space marked by trees in a circle. These areas are culturally significant and highly sacred. Gatherings in the sacred grove include song, dance, drumming, and being still in connection with the forest. In Her Sacred Grove, an online gathering space for women, we share our embodied earth practices as a way to bring expansion and transformation into our lives. 

Many people connect their physical and spiritual well-being to the health of the sacred grove, a refuge, and reservoir for biocultural diversity.  Important decisions are made in the sacred grove and the trees, earth, and natural elements serve as a stabilizing force and center for community worship, social structure, and woman-centered governance.

Women who connect in the sacred grove find a grounding regenerative power in human and earth kinship. We are of many different nations, paths, faiths, and physical characteristics, but we share a commonality in our need for brave and aligned sacred spaces. 

Please join us! Click here Her Sacred Grove: Women's Embodied Earth Connection & Expansion