"I was at one of our produce markets at Hoover, and students were running to the produce market so they could try samples of the apples. They were so excited!" - Jennifer Lebarre, Executive Director, Oakland Unified Nutrition Services

I am an urban farmer, with a certificate in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University (2015). My work as a food justice activist included a Farmer's Market and garden I managed for 6 years at Hoover Elementary School in West Oakland. My current design site is Black Dove Rising, in Richmond, CA. I have chickens, bunnies, and use regenerative design, permaculture, indigenous planting methods, agroecology, and biochar on a small .86acre farm. 

Regenerative design is a system that combines, creativity, technology, relationships, and patterns in order to produce strategies in the form of designs. Regenerative design infuses the natural energy and structure contained in undulating waves, pulses, seeds, nodes, pulsating rhythms, cycles, dendritic branches, or the tessellations of a honeycomb. Regenerative designs are restorative biomimetic blueprints with the goal to regenerate rather than deteriorate and are often informed by the living connections in thriving ecosystems, like patterns evident in a beehive, seashell, or a deeply rooted willow tree. 

just arts for sustained resistance and liberation


 For an article on my work at the Oakland Fresh farmers market please read:

Jones, N. (2010). Oakland Fresh Brings Organic Produce to Local Schools. Oakland North. Retrieved from http://oaklandnorth.net/2010/11/17/oakland-fresh-brings-organic-produce-to-localschools/


Food justice projects I have been involved in