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Mandisa Amber Wood, M.A., M.F.A., is a Bay Area, CA artist, dancer, educator, and food justice activist. Mandisa incorporates intuitive painting, performance, regenerative and permaculture design, and transformative learning in her method for vibrant expression. Mandisa is an assistant editor for the Journal of Sustainability Education and a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Sustainability Education program at Prescott College. Her emergent sacred research focuses on indigenous, first nations, and women of color priestesses in the Bay Area, CA catalyzing women-centered resurgence and biocultural diversity through community rituals, embodied practices, and healing centered social justice organizing.

Mandisa is initiated in the Lucumí tradition; a spiritual tradition indigenous to West Africa and present throughout the diaspora. She is adjunct faculty at a local California Community College in the Humanities Department.  Her courses are grounded in theories and approaches that are inclusive and accessible to those impacted by systems of oppression, while also providing a critical lens for the analysis of structural racism, femicide, and other social issues.  She is grateful for the opportunity to travel, teach, and learn in places where love is a key to resilience, wellbeing, and liberation. 

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